How to Maintain Countertops

Countertops are very expensive investment therefore, keeping them in perfect condition for many years is essential. You will definitely enjoy them more when they keep their new look, and well-maintained counters give you much greater durability over time.  

These tips for taking good care of your countertops will provide you the most enjoyment as well as long-term value from them.   

The Manufacturer’s Instructions 

Several countertops come with care and maintenance instructions, regardless of what materials they are made of. If they don’t have, and this may be the case of most natural stone countertops, therefore, have them from the professional who installs them. 

The instructions provided by the manufacturer of your countertops will instruct you what kind of cleaning agents are only allowed to use and the ones which should be avoided. In addition to that, you will learn more about your countertops’ heat resistance, whether or not preparing of foods directly on top is allowed, how to get rid of the spills and many other maintenance hints and useful care. 

It cannot be overemphasized when discussing appearance and longevity of your newly installed countertops: just go over the manual and follow all the given instructions and for sure, your countertops will look best and new for a very long period of time. 

Use Cloths and Mild Cleaning Agents 

Harsh cleaning agents overdo the cleaning of your countertops. As a matter of fact, they usually remove protective coatings or sealant. In addition to that, do not use abrasive cleaners and those with very strong and acidic cleaning agents. When the coating or sealant is removed from your countertops, they will stain more and can be a place which harbors viruses and bacteria. It is very essential to use cleaners only designed for the type of countertop you have. Avoid steel wool, scrubbing pads or same materials when cleaning your countertops.  

Do Not Risk Heat 

Recycled paper, solid surface, laminate, and wood cannot stand well to heat. While tile, lava rock, stainless steel and granite do better. But still, it is wise not to expose your countertops to heat, even with heat-resistant materials. In addition to that, the heat makes the particles of the materials expand vigorously and shrink as they cool. With this kind of stress, it may cause damage or cracking in even the strongest materials, and this also includes your countertops. 

Let pots cool on its cooktop or stove. You can use a trivet for very hot dishes you’re preparing to serve. Observing this extra care, you may prevent problems to your counters caused by hot temperatures. 

Seal Concrete and Natural Stone as Needed 

Slate, marble, sandstone and granite are just some of the few natural stone countertops which should be sealed when first built. Bamboo, wood and concrete require it too. It prevents stains from water and other spills. Your manual should inform you how often your counters need to be sealed. Just follow and get things done according to the manual and you will obtain the best quality from your quartz countertops Overland Park. 

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5 tech support best practices

There is no product, end user or service that is perfect. When it comes to hardware and software, this is so true. This is the reason why companies need to provide help for their customers when things go wrong in order for them to stay in and to grow their business. And since there are no two problems or products are exactly alike, the best technical support departments share the following traits.   

tech support  

Offer multi-channel tech support, including social media and live chat.  

By being very common of instant communication channels only means that people want to find the support they want in any method that is convenient to them anytime they want. Business should also provide technical support through social media channels and messaging application and not just be relying on phone communication and email. They should also make sure that their tech support representatives are not only readily available but also trained to use all channels.   

They do not keep customers waiting.   

Nobody wants to be kept waiting or the feeling of being ignored especially if they are having a critical or even just minor problem that needs to be fixed especially when the issue is stressing you out, an hour of waiting is like an eternity.   

Make sure that your tech support channels are appropriately staffed in keeping customers from becoming more upset and possible be taking their anger out online. If you don’t have someone to talk to the customer right away, then give them an option either they can leave a message or someone will call or email them immediately if someone is free within 24 hours and if you can’t provide an immediate answer to a customer or help to a problem or question, you have to make sure you get back to or follow up with the customer the next day.   

Provide troubleshooting help online and FAQ   

Give your customers the tools to be efficient and the solution step by step in solving their problem. Build utilized videos and knowledgebase to show customer resolve the common issues, also create a forum or forums. This allows the customer to perform an easy to follow steps that may reduce their frustration instead of calling.  

Hire well-trained representatives properly.  

The importance of putting the best people into tech support roles cannot be understated, nothing is frustrating more to a customer that feels like they know more about a problem and a product than the support staff of the company so you should hire experienced people and train them well and reward them appropriately whether they are front-line representatives or senior account representatives because they are the face of the company to your customers.    

Keep track of customers with the use of software and take care of routine tasks.  

With the use of customer support software, customer data can be collected and stored easily, providing a comprehensive profile available at your agents’ fingertips but only make sure that customer data is saved in a central system wherein the support team can access it. By doing so, support agents save time and be able to provide a good customer experience.  

To get a better server support in your business and tailored networking solutions in your office and also for mobile communication for the on-the-road sales staff you have, visit for exceptional IT services and support.  

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Gadget 

There is a fast growth in the technology market, especially that more companies are specializing in developing advanced gadgets. They know that there’s a high demand in new laptops, cameras, smartphones and others. We have this guilty pleasure of getting our hands in these new tech, but we also have to be careful when buying one. So, in this blog we’ll give you tips on buying wholesale computers and other gadgets.  

New Gadget  

Do Not Buy on the Release Date 

There are early adopter consumers, it means that they anticipate for the release of the new technology. They buy during the release date, which is not good for you if you want to get the best deal. Companies rely on the hype of the product, and they know it would boost their sales. But if you’re the kind of person who want the best deal, hold off your purchase for a while and wait for the second wave of sales. If you think the product is really good, then it’s worth the wait.  

Compare and Compare 

Most of the time, we get hyped because of the brand that the product carries. We even forget that there are products out there with similar specs, but probably better. Even if you’re already having your eyes fixed on that product, you should also consider the other competition. You would even surprise yourself because a lot of products out there are really good, they just don’t carry the logo of the leading market brand.  

Check the Quality 

One of the things you can do to check the quality is see the gadget yourself. Visit as many retailers in your location. If you want to buy online or overseas, read the reviews of that product. Not all stores are reliable, so look for legit stores in your area. Don’t buy from the first store you visited. Like we mentioned before, don’t forget to check the specs of other competition.  

Look for Deals 

If you want to buy the gadget in the first wave of sales, you can get a great deal by using a voucher website. Websites like Groupon can give you at least 20% reduction of the price, which is a great way to save for the hyped product. Also, if you want a good deal (in case coupons are not available) shopping around is a good idea. The price can fluctuate on daily or weekly basis, so revisit the website you’re shopping at to see if it changed or not.  

Buy What You Need 

This is a very practical advice. Even if you are super hyped with the product but you don’t need it anyway, don’t buy it. There are new models of a brand that has only few improvements on them. If you can still effectively use the current gadget you have for whatever purpose you use it for, then think critically if you still need another one. Manufacturers know that consumers buy the products because they are latest, so don’t fall for this marketing strategy.   

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