The Pros and Cons of Sodding

Sodding is a great way to build a lawn. It’s the quickest solution for homeowners who need to get their lawns straightened out in just a few weeks. If you choose sodding over the traditional way of installing a lawn, which is planting grass, then you might just get a faster and far better result.

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However, all the advantages of installing sod don’t come with a dark side. However, these cons are almost always outweighed by the pros of installing sod. But if you’re still unsure, do consult with the expert in sod Spring Hill so you’ll be enlightened. Here are the most common issues raised by people who are mulling about sod installation.

1. High initial investment

If you’re going to order rolls of sod right now, the amount you’ll pay is several times higher than buying grass seed. But then, you don’t have to do all the dirty work. You merely have to roll the grass on your prepared lawn and that’s it. It’s not the same as buying grass seeds as you will practically have to start from scratch.

2. More labor intensive

You can’t really install sod on your own if you’re not familiar in doing so. If the sod is installed improperly, all your investment comes to waste. Your lawn may look unsightly due to visible seams and poor rooting. You’ll need trained professionals to ensure that the sod is installed the right way that it should.

3. Limited grass choices

If you choose to install sod, you won’t have a lot of options when it comes to the type of grass you’ll get. You can only choose from the varieties that are popular among sod farmers. This means you can’t choose the actual type of grass that you really want, more particularly if you want premium grasses for your lawn.

4. Unpredictable growing condition

The sod you installed may grow differently than what you expected as it is affected by your location’s growing conditions. To make sure that your sod grows optimally, you have to adjust the soil condition and the level of sunlight, which are both difficult feats. Sods are mostly grown under full lighting conditions. If your lawn is shady, you’re going to have some problems with it.

5. Immediate installation

Once you purchase a roll of sod, it has to be installed within 24 hours after it has been cut. If not, its condition will deteriorate. This means that when the sod arrives, you have to be ready with everything that you need if you intend to install it yourself. Otherwise, you have to pay for sod installation services from where you have purchased the sod. That’s the reason why the initial cost of this project is fairly high.

These are the disadvantages of installing sods. If you think that you can do away with all these, then this is definitely the right option for you. Many homeowners prefer sod installation over the traditional method. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t. After all, it allows you to get a well-manicured lawn with the least effort on your part.

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